Choosing The Best Running Shoes


Which running shoe is best for me? Many people ask themselves that question and if you look at the range of running shoes in the shops, you might think that this is difficult to answer. Yet, the answer is simple: a running shoe you buy, if you from the moment one is perfect. Both during the recruitment, when standing and during the run itself. He feels heavy, or not, of course there are crazy edges on the inside of the shoe leave it nice in the store. Why is this so, read together with other running shoe related items in this article.

Different types of shoes:

To get a little familiar with the world of running shoes, it is first important to know that there are different types of running shoes exist.

All round┬árunning shoes: If you are one to three times a week to running, this shoe is for you the most suitable. These are the “normal” running shoes with normal prices and sales in ‘normal’ sports shops. The price range is between 45 and 100 euros. It is claimed in several studies, that the chance of an injury with a ‘cheap’ all-round shoe, up to 2 times as small as with a specialized and expensive shoe. In my view, every athlete must have at least one pair of these types of shoes in the house.

Specialist running shoes: go get a higher price range, then you get what specialistischere shoes against. Often found in the running specialty stores. You have in this category lighter round shoes, shoes that some stiffer and more direct, or shoes that are just slightly damp. You will also be in this category shoes with anti-pro nation blocks against. If you choose a specialist shoe, do this deliberately because the normal all round shoe for you, for whatever reason, is not enough. The price range of this type of footwear is between 90 and 180 euros.

Spike Contest running shoes: these are further light shoes which you normally run just games. The shoes have almost no sole and go with me a short time. In the running specialty stores are the shoes that look quite small and light. The price range is between 60 and 120 euros. Do not buy if you run any races! You also have spikes, shoes with dots at the bottom. This can only be used on a running track.

Other running shoes: You also have the barefoot, minimalist and extremely smooth running shoes. Barefoot running shoes are shoes that resemble a human foot. Zero attenuation with the underlying idea that people should be able to walk as naturally as possible. Minimalist shoes look like regular shoes, but are made from this same thought. Hard shoes with little damping so. You also have extremely soft shoes, which are designed to improve your balance, as they can at every step just let sag. The price range for the other shoe is between 70 and 150 euros.

The normal recreational runner has, as a rule enough at one pair of all-round shoes. If you once decide you want to know how to run a specialist or other shoe, then you should certainly do so. It is always good to try out a while another shoe. However, always try to keep a few all-round shoes back on.

Running shoes and injuries:

Now you know what kind of running shoes there are, we can talk about a number of cliches. Running would namely prevent injuries. Partly true, but partly not. Injuries prevents mainly by applying proper technique in your running style and by doing specific strength training. Wonder Shoes do not exist. Wrong shoes, which gives cause injuries.

In running specialty shops often work with loop analysis on a treadmill. It looks at your gait, and on that basis an appropriate shoe is found. A nice gadget, but unfortunately ineffective. Research has shown that the method of gait on a treadmill otherwise than in the normal way. In addition, you can use some specific tips and weight training change your gait to a great extent. The people in the shops are not always specialized trainers and can draw the wrong conclusions based on your running movie. Nothing detriment of these sellers, they simply have not the time to coach you, but watch out for the blind copying of the conclusions they draw.